Rows of human skull

Resting on a mantelpiece

Tribal war trophies


Pictured: Skulls on display at a Morong in a former headhunters village in Arunachal Pradesh. A Morong is like a community dorm for boys and young men where they live till they come of age. In some tribes, that means bringing a head of rival villager back to your village. 


12 thoughts on “Memorabilia 

  1. Is Morong like a safe haven for boys till they are of age?
    Do they decapitate the person or get the skulls after the flesh has deteriorated?
    Such an eerie place to visit. Were you scared? Do they allow anyone to come in and photograph them? questions are back. ^ ^

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    1. It’s more like a nursery for young warriors. These headhunters had a very Spartan way of life. I think I was more intrigued than scared.
      And yes, they are suppose to first kill and decapitate their enemy and bring their head back to the Morong. Things have changed drastically in the last few decades. They are now a friendly bunch of guys who drinks rice beer and smoke opium all day long. The tribal war zone is now a tribal party zone! 😃

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      1. Ahhh.. makes sense that it is like nursery. I laughed at your “party zone” 🙂 Now the skulls do not seem that somber. Maybe, if they were painted like the ones on Latin America, they might even be a bit more friendly too.

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      2. Yes. I’ll be heading out to the mountains the day after. Not in this headhunters village’s direction though. 😀

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