Ride to Light

This is a (non commercial) break from the usual posts. Please bear with me for some shameless self promotion.

I am closely associated with the batti project – an initiative to bring light to homes in remote villages in the Northeast India. We host an annual charity cycle ride “Ride to Light” for that cause. Its a 300 km, fully supported cycle ride done over six days from Tezu to Anini in Arunachal Pradesh, India through the picturesque Mishimi hills.

Registration for next year’s ride is now open. Please watch the video and share it (and our website) with anyone you think will be interested.


10 thoughts on “Ride to Light

    1. Thank you 🙂
      We do a lot of treks and rides in that area and we figured this is how we are going to give back to the local community who have been always very helpful and many a times went out of their way to accommodate us and our guests.

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  1. Such a great video and definitely a just cause! It looks really dangerous I must admit, but I am sure adrenaline takes over! For a mom of little kids this is far fetched. I have become more and more cautious of my safety now. I guess it is not always the case for dads is it?

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    1. We have had women with kids coming in and finishing the challenge like a boss. The road is dangerous but we ensure the rider’s safety with an army of support staff. 🙂

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