Fire and Ice

There’s fire in my heart
There’s water in my eyes
Were you looking for some spark
Or shall I get you a drink?



6 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. Sorry to spam this, but I am having trouble with my blog. I have asked about notifications because someone mentioned that my site appears deleted from their side. I picked another ‘follower’ and they said the same although it worked the one time that I sent them a link. Do you catch my posts in the reader or are you receiving them by email? Thanks.

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    1. That’s perfectly OK Anita.
      I can see your posts on my reader. I think I have figured out the problem. The link to your blog is ‘writing as it comes’ but under your name it shows writing 615.
      You can chose your active blog from ‘Switch Site’ option. You’ll find it on the first tab of your WordPress reader.
      Let me know if you have trouble finding it. You can email me if you want. I am


  2. Thanks very much. I will give that a go. How come some people have no problem though if that is the case and some can access it through their mail?

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  3. I couldn’t find any of the site switch things so I noticed my web page address had not been changed when I changed my to my working title. Now I can click my name and it takes me to my blog, but doesn’t answer the question of notifications. Could you try and access me through your email please. I have a friend here who can and had no problem with my sit address. All very odd.


    1. Its working now. Now when I click on your name it takes me to your active blog.
      Actually I guessed you were using the WordPress app and not the website. The layout there will be different.

      P.S. I don’t have your email. You have mine 🙂

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