The Golden River

Spread before the world
Liquid satin tablecloth
Golden temple feast

The Golden River

Haiku courtesy Anita from Writing As It Comes


24 thoughts on “The Golden River

    1. Haha. Its nothing profound. I always used to liked the idea of being anonymous and 666 is because I am an Iron Maiden fan.
      This is just a high school name I gave myself and it stuck. And now I am too fond of it to let go 😀


      1. Iron Maiden is a heavy metal music band. They have a song “666 – the number of the beast” which happens to be one of my all time favorites


    1. Thank you Dajena. 😃
      The Brahmaputra river is also known as the Red river. I was lucky to be able to catch “him” in one of his golden moods.

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      1. Ohh, I thought that Brahmaputra is the only “male” river, the son of Brahma, and the rest are female. Not true?

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      2. Ah, okay. I am not sure sometimes, if I remember things correctly. It has been a loooot of years since I finished high school (that is when I learned world geography 🙂 )

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      3. When I was in highschool, I couldn’t have located Albania on the world map forget knowing the names of its river and the reason behind their names. 😂

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