“Go to him”
I said
When you confessed
Your love
For him.
Not me.

I didn’t want you
To leave me
But I will
Never admit
When it hurts
So much less
To be spiteful

“It’s OK”
I cut in
Your words
Of empathy
With guilt

I wanted you
To feel my hurt
Because I knew
That you knew
I was lying.
I wasn’t OK

“Have fun”
I hung up.
I didn’t mean it.
Last thing I wanted
For you then
Is to have fun.

I only hope
Those words
Will echo
Through your life.
With him.
Not me.


11 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Ugh.. this shattered my morning.. What a sad story, but what a strong character. A love that hurts, a love that transforms. You can write the saddest verses. I hope it is just poetic licence. If not, here is a hug!!
    And I love the wit of the photo- she got the man, he got the poetry.

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