I rode a hundred thousand mile
I raced, I wandered, I roamed
Late night epiphany in my own bed
The long hard road was my home

Pictured – My RE Machismo 350. A faithful companion for almost a decade. Stock model, no modifications, not very special.
But she is mine


16 thoughts on “Home

    1. 1600 miles on a bicycle!! You make me look like a pansy 😀
      You are officially the second most hardcore woman I know. I am so glad to know you 🙂


  1. She looks such a beauty!! Love the sense of freedom and accomplishment. A home that unlocks mysteries everywhere you take it. I am a bit envious 🙂

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      1. We go back a long way. More than a hundred thousand kilometers 😛

        I bought her in 2008. Since then, she has been a constant companion.

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  2. my oldest brother, with his 45 year old BMW kept in perfect condition, and ridden across country at least once each Spring, would like your bike…as would my second oldest brother, with his 2014 BMW, and my younger brother and his old Ducate and my youngest brother and his Triumph…pilots all, and always, always on the move

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    1. That’s awesome! There are some awesome stretches of “Home” in this part of the world. Your brothers will love them.
      Must be fun growing up with a bunch of motorcyclist dudes 🙂


  3. actually, I twitch a lot…you never know what they’re going to do… but we’re all old now, except for the youngest of us who will be 49 this year… my oldest brothers trip into the desert SW a lot…the others live on the east and west coast…they’re cool…

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