A Naga chieftain in his traditional attire that includes, among other things, earrings made of exotic bird’s feather.

The Naga tribes of Northeast India are traditionally good hunters and you will still find young naga boys patrolling the remote streets with guns and catapults in search of birds and small animals. This has been a way of life for many generations and thus makes conservation in these area quite problematic. The situation with NSCN insurgency is not helping either. Despite all that, things are changing slowly and people are increasingly getting aware of the immense value of wildlife in the scheme of things.
However, the sad truth is a big chunk of irreplaceable wildlife is forever lost in a mad scramble for food and sport.

2 thoughts on “Ear-wing

  1. Lovely photo. Much as I like the idea of living off the land, in the abstract, it is clear that this is sustainable only if the human population is low. At some population density settled agriculture probably lowers the environmental impact. This lifestyle is also the reason why its very hard to do birdwatching in these hills. As I was told by a local once: everything that shows itself has been eaten.

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  2. Lol. The local told you the sad truth. You are absolutely correct about the population bit. Animals and birds are hunted even in Aurnachal Pradesh but since the number of people is very less, it dont have a major impact. You can actually make out the difference when you travel to Nagaland from neighboring NE states when the forests becomes eerily silent.


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