A cup of Darjeeling

A warm cup of tea
at the end of a long day 
Two dimples appear


The picture is of a Naga woman I took in Kisama village in Nagaland during Hornbill festival. The festival is a celebration of cultures of nearly twenty different Naga tribes.

P.S. I remember reading this Haiku long ago in some anonymous forum. I’ve changed it a bit to match with my story. So whoever wrote the original haiku, please dont sue me.


10 thoughts on “A cup of Darjeeling

  1. Very beautiful photo, and how wonderful to have an annual festival celebrating cultures! (Why, O why can’t we have such a celebration everywhere?) And the Haiku, of course, fits perfectly 🙂

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    1. Thanks. 🙂

      The festival happens every year on the first two weeks of December. If you decide to check it out, i’ll be glad to show you around.

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