Brewing Love

She loves her coffee dark and strong
Or that’s what they all think
Just like they think for being a girl
Her favorite color is pink

They all fall down like ducks in a row
Without breaking a sweat
Eleven minutes of instant brew
They just can’t seem to wait

Some take their time, they brew it slow
Hoping to serve her right
She coos and smiles, she drinks them all
To help her through the night.

At night she writes, she goes to war
She laugh, she dance, she sing
Come morning and I brew her
A humble cup of Darjeeling.



10 thoughts on “Brewing Love

  1. Oh My Holy God!! You are becoming a poet! And thank you for that immense compliment. I’m flattered I have been able to inspire you. I see a lot of my words here šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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