“Be silent. Meaning is lost when there are too many words” – Rumi

Right words, wrong meanings.
Love is lost in translation.
Silence is golden.



32 thoughts on “Silence

      1. How nice of you to say that! Thank you 🙂
        But really, most of time I struggle to put my thoughts on paper the way you guys so effortlessly do.

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      2. Excellent!! what are they? (my guess besides English, Hindi, mmmm, Bengali, and Burman and maybe an Asian language since you are close – Chinese? how did I do? )

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      3. Got the first three correct. I dont speak Cantonese or Mandarin. I speak Assamese, Nagamese, a bit of Punjabi and I am learning Nepalese.

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      4. Oh my! This ‘You are welcome’ as translated by Google means welcome to a house or place. In Hindi we generally say “That’s alright/No problem” instead of “You’re welcome”. That will be ” Koyi baat nehin”.

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      5. Haha. Its not wrong perse. Just that in spoken Hindi, we generally say ‘Its OK’ or ‘No problem’ when thanked instead of ‘You’re welcome’. 🙂

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      6. I hope so.. many people misunderstand and walk away, but that’s life, right? Okay, I should stop here, before I lose one more new friend. Have a great day ahead!

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